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Gilbert Estrada

Bus: 512-441-4678

Cell: 512-767-4184


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Bus 512-441-4678 ; Cell: 512-767-4184; gilbert@estradadp.com

about us

Gilbert  Estrada is the owner and operator.  The Lead DJ and Production Director.  gilbert@estradadp.com  Victoria Lee Fisher is our Production Assistant, Assistant DJ, Lead Photographer and Video Production Lead. victoria@estradadp.com  Brett Spencer is our Assistant DJ, Lighting and Special FX Lead and Production Assistant.  brett@estradadp.com


Estrada Designs and Productions is an Austin-based company serving the central Texas area.  We provide reliable and dependable DJ or live audio productions service using quality sound equipment and professional staff. We take pride in our craft and provide excellent customer service. Estrada Designs and Productions is an official business that is registered with the state of Texas.



Estrada Designs and Productions:

  • Is a registered business with the Texas State Comptrollers Office;

  • Began in 2009;

  • Uses professional staff for events;

  • Offers clients a cost estimate for each event; and

  • A contract to ensure the event goes exactly as planned. 

DJ and live audio production experience consists of:

  • live shows at local venues;

  • private corporate parties

  • ballroom dances;

  • weddings;

  • sweet 15's; and

  • indoor/outdoor private parties.